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Sunday, November 05, 2006
35th St. Bistro, Seattle
I love this little bistro. 35th St. Bistro is by far my favourite place to eat in Seattle -- both due to its fantastic food and its leisurly European ambience. If you visit Seattle, you must make a trip to Fremont and stop by, if only for a glass of wine and a cheese plate.

To start, I consumed some monstrous white shrimp wrapped in prosciutto with blanched spinach and pine nuts. The shrimp was incredible: the succulent, salty prosciutto wrapped around the soft, delicate shrimp was one of the most delicious appetizers I've had. For my main course, I had a deliciously creamy chanterelle mushroom risotto with squash, herbs and truffle oil. It wasn't the best mushroom risotto that I've had, but it was still incredible.

35th St. Bistro has an insanely large wine list, mostly consisting of French and Italian reds. This evening I decided to go with something more local and chose the 2005 Ex Umrbis Syrah. The grapes are from a vineyard in Yakima Valley, Washington but the winery is in Oregon. It was a fine example of Washington syrah: earthy, acidic, and delicious. It's worth noting that we were served the wine at the proper temperature, and also that our server filled our glasses with the proper amount. There's nothing worse than having a lovely bottle of wine served to you at 25 degrees celcius and having the server fill your glass with half the bottle.

Of course, I finished the meal with a piece of flourless chocolate cake and shot of espresso. It was a perfect outing.
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