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Sunday, January 07, 2007
The Goodliffe Café, Loughborough, UK
Located in Loughborough’s fashionable Churchgate area, you’re sure to enjoy relaxing in this family run café.

Offering the very best range of the freshest local ingredients, their award winning* chefs look forward to creating a hearty lunch for you and your friends.

On a date? The Goodliffe Café has the perfect open yet intimate atmosphere in which to get acquainted.

With friends or family? The Goodliffe Café offers a delicious range of fresh home cooked food to catch up over.

...That’s enough of that. And I’ve no idea if they have won any awards…

I’ve been here twice now, and it is a pretty cool place to go – the food is really nice, and you get plenty, the waitresses are hot, and it is quite unlike any other café in Loughborough.

The first time I went I had a brie, parma ham and pesto sandwich served in huge rustic bread with chunky chips and a rocket salad, while my friend
D had the homemade carrot soup. Both were awesome. There was even the entertainment of one of the waitresses tripping up and nearly drenching another customer in orange juice.

And yesterday I went with my parents, and I chose the oyster mushroom risotto in a creamy white wine sauce, while my parents both had the pork and rosemary meatballs in a tomato sauce with spaghetti.

Both times I have been I ended up completely stuffed, and would recommend everybody go visit. And if you aren’t hungry, they also do some fancy champagne cocktails and it’s a nice place to go and have a coffee.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the place is in loughborough - doesn't that say it all?

3:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Goodliffes has the potential to be a nice cafe bar, the menu reads well and the decor is nice.

But the service is very very poor, there is an army of staff that go out of there way to avoid taking your order and when you finally give the girl your order she does not write it down and walks off with a smile , with out taking the remnants of the previous customers cups and plates.

I can only assume that they leave you for 15 minutes to soak up atmosphere and people complaining about the service and have to wait even when there is only 5 customers sat down. At which point the lady that owns the place just walks out past all the dirty tables leaving the arm of school girls to chat behind the bar.

Once the girl has finally realized that there is food going cold sat on the bar , does she then come and takes the order again. At which point she goes "oo sorry i forget" quickly returning a luke warm coffee that can only be described as milky.

We did think about eating but we only had a hour for lunch and by the looks of the other customers we had no chance.

If this was my first visit , i would give them a second chance , but its not its about the 5th and its the same every time.

To the lady that own goodliffes , go and look around at other cafe bars and look at how they do it, you will learn some thing about service , its killing your business

Please unless you have all the time in the world or like watching the world go by try some where else.

7:11 AM  

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