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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Location: A street in Cairo that I have not yet learned the name of
Ingredients: Dough, sausage, tomatoes, pickles, onions
Price: 5 pounds ($1 CDN)

By far the best part of this meal was watching the guy make it. You don't see dough masters like that in too many places, so it was a real treat to witness such glory. He started with a small lump of dough and proceeded to stretch it out using a technique not known to North Americans. Once the dough was of the preferred thickness, he folded it up (shown in the top picture). Next, toppings were supplied in equal, yet fair, proportions. Finally, it went into the gas oven for cooking. The finished product is what you see in the 2nd picture.

A bit greasy, but still good. And filling! There was definitely a sourness I wasn't expecting, but it was splendidly offset by the spice.
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