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Sunday, October 08, 2006
Authentic Chinese dinner in India?

I have two houseguests staying with me temporarily (AIESEC trainees from HK) and instead of paying me rent, I said they can just cook me delicious HK dishes! Here was a recent dinner we had. The furthest dish away is lemon chicken (it looks really easy to make - just marinate the chicken in some soya sauce and make the sauce to pour over the chicken out of honey, lemon juice water and salt). Then fried Chinese radish (which I used to hate as a child, but liked this time), ma po tofu (using a handy Lim Kee sauce packet they brought from HK), and finally a simple vegetable soup. It was SO yummy!

It was a nice change from the Indian version of Chinese food which has an overdose of Indian spices thrown into everything. Indian food is delicious, but it is not subtle at all, so the Indian spices just overpower the delicate Chinese flavours.

We even had some mooncake for dessert to celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival! It was delicious and SO comforting to have this food again!

Valentina (Italy), Ruby (HK) and Marat (HK)
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