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Sunday, November 12, 2006
Introducing the Foodies
It occurred to me today that the people on this blog don’t actually know each other. Well, some do, but the one commonality in this regard is that they all know me. So, here’s a little info on each person:

Nicholas – We met in India. He might just be one of the best experimental chefs in Edmonton (soon to be Toronto). He may not be in an exotic locale, but he makes up for it with culinary creations in his humble, yet effective kitchen.

Jodie – I met Jodie through Nicholas. She may be in one of the most culinarily-inept countries, but that doesn’t stop her from seeking out the best that London has to offer.

Ryan – Also in the food-challenged country of England. He has, however, mastered the art of English cooking. His traditional English breakfasts and tea cakes are sure to please anyone that steps through his doors. Perhaps his best creation was the brandy-soaked Christmas cake made in India.

Samantha – Yet another friend from India. She appreciates a good meal as much as anyone…and has a kitchen befitting of such an attitude. I could always count on her kitchen-that-was-as-big-as-my-house whenever an urge to create as felt.

Megan – A born and bred Saskatchewanian. Always on the lookout for a good meal at a good price, but far too often settles for peanut butter and chick peas. Her mom bakes a mean pie, though.

Liz – Anyone that can navigate the culinary clusterfuck that is Hong Kong deserves credit. Liz has done this admirably, seeking out healthy meals in a city dominated by deep-fried, greasy foods. I just wish she’d post more.

Janaki – Speaking of posting, Janaki really needs to get on that. She is in Bolivia doing water filtration projects, but that is little excuse for not posting the various delights she is no doubt enjoying. If that’s not a hint, I don’t know what is.

Abner – On internship in Taiwan. He posted for a while, but seems to have disappeared. Perhaps he has become accustomed to the pig intestine soup and doesn’t feel the need to share it with the rest of the world. He’s lucky to be in a food “Shangri-la”…I just hope he takes advantage.

Johanna – The last of my friends from India on this list. She likes her chocolate and isn’t afraid to say it. Too bad she’s spent the last 4 months studying for tests, otherwise I wouldn’t doubt that she would’ve created a chocolate version of everything.

Blanka – Currently surviving the great country of Slovakia. Getting her to post has been a challenge, but I think I’ve hassled her enough to get her on the case more often. I’m just glad I’m not around her after she’s had a langos or two….

Alex – The epitome of blogging ineptitude. Well, not really. Apparently he actually works at work, so he hasn’t had the time to post the wonders of Czech cuisine. I fixed his blog, though, and the deal was that he’d at least make a post a week. Let’s see how that goes.

Sarah – White girl meets Japanese culture. She’s there teaching English for a year. Best quote so far, “The food here looks the same as Japanese food in Canada so I don’t feel like I’m eating anything different.” Time to go find some of the crazy ingredients they use on Iron Chef.

Jeremy – Nicholas’ brother. He provides an Canadian’s perspective on American cuisine in the beautiful city of Seattle. Based on his post about the 35th St. Bistro, this guy knows a good meal when he sees one.

Farzina – Newest addition to the ever-growing list of eaters. There isn’t enough room on the page to list her nationalities, so I’ll just say that she’s here in Egypt for a few months. As uninspired as she may feel regarding Egyptian cuisine, she can be rest assured that her future in food blogging is bright.
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Blogger Johanna said...

Hey ji,

you forgot to mention that I'm German and therefore it is my cultural duty and my inherent eagerness to use and eat as much chocolate as I'm able to! If you don't eat chocolate at least twice a week they withdraw your German citizenship and deport me to Siberia!

12:02 PM  

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