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Thursday, January 04, 2007
A Beautiful Thing
The great German sausage. What else can be said about it other than that it is served in a bun that is way too small.
Sausages are sold everywhere in Germany...everywhere. During my first day in Germany, Johanna was taking me around Koblenz. She showed me the various Christmas markets, with some gorgeous food, I must say. At one point I saw a sign that read "1 metre long bratwurst." That's a big bratwurst.
We wandered through the various stalls surving cakes, pies, other large sausages, chicken, fries, and a rather large variety of pork products. I was hungry and wanted to try something German, so I settled on what you see above.
A beautiful specimen, indeed. I'm not sure whether or not the tiny bun makes sense, but it does mean you can eat more sausages because you don't fill up on bread. Oh, and the bread they use is gorgeous...crusty and real.
The difficulty comes in putting the mustard on. There aren't protective walls (i.e. the bun) for a majority of the sausage, so the mustard tends to drip off as it heats. Somehow I managed to do okay with it and gobbled the delicacy right up.
Talk about a great way to be introduced to Germany.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

My understanding is that the bread is merely to help you hold the sausage without getting it on your hands!

Many thanks


11:10 PM  

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