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Wednesday, January 03, 2007
First Dinner

Something that surprised me about German eating habits was that dinners were usually cold, while lunches were usually hot. So, when Johanna told me that her mother would have dinner ready for us when we arrived, I foolishly expected something hot. Instead, I sat down and proceeded to watch cheese, meat, fish, and tomatoes be brought out with slices of 3 different type of rye bread.

"I know that it's midnight, Johanna, but why are we having lunch?"
"Oh, Germans eat cold dinners."
"Hmm...sounds good to me. Is that raw ground meat I see?"
"Ya. The animal was slaughtered this morning."
"Wait, you guys eat raw ground meat?"
"Well, I don't. But my Dad loves it. Go ahead, try it."
"Don't mind if I do. Wow, it's good. Seasoned with salt and pepper and really good with cheese. But I'm still eating raw ground meat...which I was always told was the fastest way to E. Coli."
"When in Germany...."

What you see in front of you is a typical German dinner. From left to right, you have chicken sausage (light pink colour), garlic sausage (dark red), raw ground pork, 3 different types of cheese, herring in tomato garlic sauce, herb cheese spread, butter, prosciutto, mustard, herring in tomato sauce, and tomatoes. Note the giant beer glass at my spot.
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