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Sunday, January 14, 2007
Gooey Chocolate Puddings
Every now and then I throw a dinner party for myself. It's partly self-indulgent, but it's also about experimenting with new things that I might sometime serve to impress others. Nigella Lawson talks a bit about cooking for oneself in How To Eat: The Pleasures and Pricinples of Good Food. Here are my Gooey Chocoloate Puddings made from fine dark chocolate in my new ramekins. They turned out beautifully. Silky smooth, sinfully rich deliciousness.

Nigella takes a line from Woody Allen: "Don't knock masturbation, it's sex with someone I love." Besides being indulgent, cooking for oneself usually produces more delicious results. Inhibitions are lower (especially when I'm enjoying multiple glasses of a fine wine while preparing), time constraints are non-existant, and there's less stress about serving bad food. It's about "... enjoying life on purpose, rather than by default."

I cooked up some stuffed chicken breasts with mushrooms, onions, celery, bread crumbs, and rosemary. Of course, there was butter involved. It turned out pretty good, but I had to leave it warm in the oven because I got paged to deal with something just as it was finishing up and it got a bit dried out. Phooey. The best part by far was the chocolate pudding. It was really easy too. The chocolate pudding goes on the guest list.

Now I just need to find more foodies in Seattle to cook and eat with. Shall I post a signup sheet?
posted by Jeremy at 11:41 PM


Blogger kent said...

The real question is: do those puddings ship well?

2:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again, I've got a massive girlcrush on Nigella. Those puddings look fantastic!

10:20 AM  

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