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Thursday, January 11, 2007
Turkey Lunch

Now that's a solid looking turkey. We pretty much devoured it on Christmas Day for lunch, along with a variety of other stuff.

And would you believe that this turkey was microwaved and baked? Johanna's family had a oven/microwave, so to cook the turkey faster Johanna's mom just microwaved it for most of the time and then set it on bake so that it could remain heated. That means I've had a deep-fried turkey, conventional oven turkey, and a microwaved turkey. One cooked in coals is next up, I think.

Yet another surprise (well, it shouldn't have come as a surprise, though) was that the turkey was stuffed with the ground pork I had been eating earlier that morning. This meant almost double the meat.

The rest of the meal included Thuringen potato dumplings, cooked red cabbage, a bok choy/mandarin orange salad, and gravy. There was probably a beer in there somewhere, as well.
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