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Thursday, February 08, 2007
Pizza Delivery in Japan

One night, my roommate and I ordered pizza and to my delight, the pizza that we ordered had four different flavours. It was really good but a little bit different. For one, I've never had corn on my pizza before. I actually can't remember what the toppings were since this was a couple months ago, but looking at a flyer (Pizza Hut), some of the toppings on Japanese pizza include: broccoli, shrimp, crap sticks, mayo, eggplant, calamari, seaweed, tuna and probably other things that I can't pick out just by looking at tiny pictures. Of course, there is pepperoni and cheese and lots of things that I'm used to seeing as well. But Kent, what does an Egyption pizza look like?
posted by ~diana~ at 4:41 AM


Blogger kent said...

Umm...different. They use a flat, tortilla-like crust, and the toppings obviously do not include pork.

I never eat pizza here, though, so I'm not really an expert. Actually, the one time i did have pizza I actually made it in the restaurant.

7:44 AM  

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