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Thursday, March 22, 2007
Some French delicacies…
Whilst in France the other weekend, I thought I should take the opportunity to try some typical French food…

Don’t they look good!

They tasted pretty good actually, not at all slimy and wriggly as I was expected. Cooked in garlic butter, and still sizzling on the plate, they are quite firm and are almost like eating mussels.

The most interesting thing about them was the tools you get to fish the little buggers out of the shell. There are some crazy tongs that are counterintuitive, so you look like a fool trying to manoeuvre the shell around to get the open bit in the right position to use the not-quite-long-enough fork to get a grip on them.

I also had some Alsatian food in Strasbourg (as in from the Alsace region… not dog food), home cooked no less – there was a vegetable soup with dumplings whose name I don’t know, and a filo pastry/cream cracker type base with crème fraiche and local cheese and vegetables on, called flammenkuche (tarte flambée). Neither of which I have a photo of thanks to a temperamental camera.

And finally, on the way out of Paris, I picked up some l’eveque cheese from the Normandy region. It has texture not unlike brie, and quite a mild taste, but with a smell that still occupies the kitchen. It goes perfectly on oatcakes, and slightly melted over bacon, it makes an amazing sandwich.

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Blogger Shantanu said...

During a recent dinner at a French restaurant in San Francisco, I was a little confused with 'Alsation' on the menu too :-)

12:26 AM  

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