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Sunday, June 24, 2007
Cooking for Engineers?
Some people would look at the title and think, "That's strange. I didn't think engineers cooked." While that statement is debated, it must be said that chemical engineers likely know a lot about what is actually happening when the food is being boiled, sauted, fried, deep-fried, etc.

That's why I bring to you a new segment on this here blog, because it seems he summer heat has made people lazy. Where are all the BBQ'ers? You're all weak. Ok, this rant is finished.

The first article I will bring to you is about Heat Transfer and Cooking.

"Having a fundamental understanding of what is going on in the kitchen can not only help you avoid disasters but also assist in making the right decision the first time you try out a recipe or wing it. Understanding how heat transfer affects your cooking is a first step in realizing why we'd choose a particular cooking implement or specific heating method (steaming vs. baking, frying vs. boiling) for one dish but not another. In this article, Burr Zimmerman describes how heat transfer works as it relates to cooking."

It's a bit long, but great if you want to know which cooking method is best. Enjoy.
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Blogger Miss Canthus said...

I followed the link and then clicked on his recipe for Ratatouille. Besides having beautiful pics and a really good explanation of how to make it, the layout of the the recipe is fascinating. Very practical.

9:48 AM  

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