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Tuesday, June 26, 2007
Weird Foods
Only strong stomachs need read on....compliments of

Baby Octopus in Soju (Korea): You are given a bowl of live baby octopuses and a plate which is covered in soju (Korean alcohol). You pick one octopus up and wipe it in the soju which puts it to sleep and then eat it. More fun near the end of the meal when there is less soju on the plate or the octopus doesn't go asleep and starts to fight as you're eating it.

Dancing Shrimp (China): Large live shrimp are taken from a tank and plopped into a scalding hot clear soup broth and served with a side of red pepper paste. Shrimp prepared in this way are usually served in a large glass bowl with a lid. They need the lid because they bring them to the table quickly and the shrimp are still "kicking" and jerking. You bite right into the shells and bodies with your teeth and chew the meat out and then spit out the shells and legs and such. I couldn't bring myself to eat one since I had just seen them moving.

Cynar (Italy): Bitter liqueur made from artichokes. Have you ever left artichokes steaming so long that they go dry and burn the pan, then you soak it desperately to clean it, creating a vile-smelling brown liquid? Tastes, smells, and looks just like that.
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Blogger Jenny H. said...

Re: Dancing Shrimp (China) -
All the rest is true from personal (growing up) experience, except for the word "large". We (at least my part of China, southeast which is most probably the only part of China that eat shrimps this way) only eat small shrimps this way (one of the ways) because practically small ones are easier to control - for example not much spillage when put into the soup, faster to cook to ready in the hot soup, etc. Dunno, maybe other parts really eat large ones like that too? And, am I using too many brackets?

9:16 AM  
Blogger nicholas said...

I had some big shrimp served kind of like that in Indonesia. They were thrown into really hot brandy and then had hot water poured on them. I think they were called Drunken Prawns!

12:37 PM  

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