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Saturday, August 11, 2007
Canadian Road Trip Food
Back in June (sorry, Kent...better late than never!) my cousin and I decided to spend our summer vacation driving across part of Canada, from Winnipeg to Ottawa. Five gazillion trees later, I really needed a pit stop at Tim Hortons.

For those of you that aren't familiar, Tim Hortons is a Canadian donut shop. Famous for double-doubles (two cream, two sugar) coffees and fresh-baked donuts and pastries (that are now shipped in par-baked and frozen and reheated), the marketing team at TH is equally famous for tear-jerking commercials and a claim that you can drive across Canada stopping for sugary, fatty snacks every few hours.

Well, they LIED.

After we left Thunder Bay, Ontario, we drove for several hours- maybe a lifetime, but probably closer to 6, before we found our Mecca.

Thank god, because after all that time in the car, I was ready to leap out the window!

So here is photographic proof:

One honey-glazed Crueller and a frosty Iced Cap.

And also, as a special bonus? A shot of me running from a moose as a result of the Tim Hortons sugar high!

posted by Meg at 3:28 PM


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