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Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Czech Pizza

It's always interesting to see how other cultures do the ubiquitous pizza. Quality definitely varies...from places like Egypt where the concept of a crust is not understood, to Italy where some people say the pizza originated. Each country has its own toppings to fit the tastes of the locals. Some put a fried egg on top, others go with black beans.
The Czech Republic is no different. Blanka probably knows of better pizza places (they're everywhere), but the one I went to wasn't half bad. The crust was decent and the topics seemed fresh. Plus, you got a huge portion so you left full. Unlike the cake, though, I think this food actually goes well with pivo (or "beer" for anyone who hasn't lived in the Czech Republic so long that they no longer refer to the drink as beer).
posted by kent at 4:11 PM


Blogger Blanka said...

Those look pretty darn good to favorite is smoked salmon and spinach. They do pizza well here.

"some people say pizza originated in Italy" hahaha love it

1:56 AM  

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