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Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Medovnik and Marlenka
Once again, see below.... apparently Kent forgot to take notes while in Prague.

The cake in the picture is Medovnik, a delicious honey cake that is pretty much on every desert menu in Prague. If you get the original Medovnik (don't accept any substitutes) it should be soft, moist and not too sweet. Goes great with coffee and tea or as is the usual case in Prague, Pivo!

There is another variation of honey cake known as Marlenka. This one has a caramel type of cream in the middle and also comes in a cocoa version with white cream. I prefer Marlenka because of my love for all things caramel, although I will eat either on any occasion.

You can find more info. on the websites.

posted by Blanka at 6:29 AM


Blogger kent said...

Thank you, Blanka.

Why would you eat such a thing with beer? Yuck.

4:10 PM  

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