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Monday, October 01, 2007
If not for the beer, come to Prague for the Sausage
Look at the size of that one.

Prague is full of great sausages. And there is no better place, that I know of, to get them than right at St. Wenceslas Square. There are these vendors with like 8 different types of sausage, all big and filling. And for pretty cheap here. Once again, I may have to defer to Blanka for both names and the factual integrity of this post. Blanka? (where would I be without you?)

The second pic is from a great, and I mean great, beer hall called U Fleku. If you are in Prague, go least once. The beer is sensational and you get your food in seconds. Tasty.

posted by kent at 3:45 PM


Blogger Blanka said...

Sorry Kent, I try to avoid eating anywhere on Wenceslas Square. The czech word for sausage is Klobasa.

6:18 AM  

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