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Friday, October 26, 2007
Smells good, looks…
This has to be one for the weird food category.

Just getting back from Uni, I walked into my flat to be greeted by a delicious smell coming from a covered pot simmering away in the kitchen. Such a situation isn’t rare now that there are two Chinese girls in the flat, who cook from scratch nearly every day.

But intrigued by what smelt so good, I decided to take a peek into the pot.

There were about 20 ducks feet being boiled up with a mix of spices.

Apparently it’ll make a nice soup after 24 hours of simmering, and the feet won’t be recognisable.
posted by ryan101 at 5:48 AM


Blogger Miss Canthus said...

I have occasionally seen chicken's feet for sale in our grocery stores. I always wondered what was done with them. Did you taste the soup?

10:09 AM  
Blogger ryan101 said...

Alas no. I was told it ended up quite oily and a bit like a jelly though.

2:47 AM  

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