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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In case any of you are wondering what the big white banner at the top of the page and the little badge on the right hand side are...

A little while ago, a company called Foodbuzz got in contact with me about becoming a feature publisher. In exchange for this increased exposure, I agreed to put the banner and badge on this blog. Hopefully they won't detract too much from the beautiful pictures of food.

Hopefully this will all mean more hits and, although i'm probably dreaming, more posts from all you slackers out there that promised you would post but never did. I won't mention names, but you definitely know who you are.

posted by kent at 4:04 AM


Blogger ryan101 said...

well, now i feel slightly lazy - there is an international day at the Students Union here today - lots of stalls from different countries - most of which hand out samples of national dishes. i suppose i should have spent more time down there sampling and write a post featuring food from all over the world in one go...

if you saw the place kent, i'm sure you'd be yelling at me.

6:24 AM  
Blogger ryan101 said...

ah, but now i see i have been fired from the list of contributors... oh well, your loss - i retract the previous comment - i had an awesome post written about food from all over the world to celebrate international awareness in Loughborough. but now you'll just have to miss out. and after all that effort i put in...

6:28 AM  
Blogger kent said...

You can still contribute, I had just assumed that you gave up on all blogging once you stopped your own.

Your laziness doesn't surprise me.

4:02 AM  

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