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Monday, November 02, 2009
Cornish Pasties
Good Pasty-eating Form

A handmade pasty

From my Dad:

When I was a kid my mother worked in an english bakery in
Fort William. One of the specialities du maison was Cornish Pasties. Lovely crescent shaped pies containing an onion potato meat mix baked to a golden brown. Couldn't wait to see if mother brought some leftover ones home. The pastie was originally developed as portable food for the Cornish tin miners. Something they could throw in their pocket to sustain them for the day.

When I was in Weymouth, England near the cornish border I came upon the ultimate pastie shop. Ah these were things of beauty containing all manner of ingredients. I bought a couple and repaired to the local pier to sit and watch the sea and read The Guardian. Ah delicious!

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Blogger Andy said...

Cornish pasties are our national dish!

To find out how to make them check out our Gastro channel at

5:49 AM  

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