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Thursday, June 10, 2010
Kuala Lumpur - the Great Bastion of Street Food - Part One

A typical table on the street with all the requisite sauces and utensils

Chinese food vendor. This place gets crazy at night.

A look down the street

I didn't order the "Wine Drunk Chicken", but I always wondered what it was.
posted by kent at 3:49 AM


Anonymous discount cookware said...

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4:46 AM  
Anonymous pierre said...

thanks for these photos from KL ! it is it's rue it looks quite desert but i am sure it is packed later ! have agood one here in Paris summer starts finally !!
Pierre de Paris

10:31 PM  
Anonymous Persian Food Network said...

I like the selection of various countries, but I missed the Persian Food section.
Persian food history goes back thousands of years and we have a wide variety of cuisines.

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