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Saturday, March 12, 2011
Bucharest Christmas Market Goodness - Part 2
Various grilled meats

A fairly tough cut of beef. It's called bastirma in Romania.

The finished product. Chopped into little pieces to make it easier to chew.
posted by kent at 2:42 AM


Blogger F Kidd said...

Being from the southern hemisphere Christmas in July was our only chance for a 'traditional' Christmas and the accompanying markets. Usually Christmas is spent by the pool, lounging about in ridiculous heat while lunch/dinner is cooked on the BBQ. But Christmas in July brings with it the (scant) possiblity of snow - even though you've got to drive over an hour inland to see it. In actual fact it's an excuse to get the family together, got out for a nice meal and peruse the local Christmas market/s (I use that in the loosest form of the word) more like whatever markets/savvy businessmen peddling trinkets are about. All in all it's a great day

7:36 AM  
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Anonymous catering in manila said...

I love grilled food good that I saw yours. Look so delicious I love it!


12:41 AM  
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